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OR·KU - / öar-khoo /

  • Definition: An ancient expression denoting the purest essence of energy and vitality.
  • Application: ORKU is not just a name; it's a call to action. A call to awaken the dormant energy within, to live a life full of zest and vigor. At ORKU we've channeled this essence into our products and methodologies, empowering you to embrace the full potential of your body's energy.


Ingredients optimized to energize

Our products deliver optimal amounts of hard-to get nutrients to improve not just your day-to-day, but your long term health.

Track your metabolism

See how your metabolism is affected by your daily habits and improve your Metabolic Efficiency; your body's ability to utilize stored energy effectively.


Learn to manage your weight

Our comprehensive yet straightforward course will teach you how to make simple, healthy & long-lasting changes.


Shop for the whole family

Show your Orku pride with regulary updated apparel made for all ages and sizes.

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