Unhealthy habits are adopted over time and do not just go away because somebody told you to or because you had weight loss surgery. It requires work to successfully lose weight and more importantly in order to keep it off.

Diets are not a long term solution. It takes incremental lifestyle changes that better us inch by inch, step by step--slowly over time. Ultimately we end up with a new foundation that is set in cement, not sand.

Orku was built to improve metabolism using behavior modification techniques that rid health defective behaviors and reinforce healthy ones.

Diets are not the solution. Weight loss programs are not the answer. It takes more than counting calories and eliminating entire food groups from the diet to keep weight off.

Over time, Orku tracks your metabolism and provides a Metabolic Efficiency Score, which reflects the users success and helps sustain results. Users will learn to self-monitor, increase healthy coping skills, reduce stress, decrease depression and anxiety, manage relationships effectively, change self-defeating thoughts--all while maintaining weight loss. 

Tracking Metabolic Efficiency instead of calories ensure that health is not negatively impacted but actually improved with weight loss.

It's never too late to take control. Our program offers proven solutions and compassionate support when traditional options haven't worked.